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Woman crying tears of joy while looking at video on phone.
Man from behind editing video while wearing headphones.

Tribute Video Pro


Give a Unique, Heart-Melting Gift

If you’re looking for a special way to show someone how much you care, I can help. My name is Joe Douglass, president of Tribute Video Pro. I have more than 16 years of experience as an Emmy-nominated broadcaster for ABC and Fox affiliates in cities like Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon. 


I am now a video maker. I create tribute videos that evoke emotions with your images and footage. These videos are a special way to honor your memories. They're great for birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations, anniversaries, retirements, funerals/obituaries, you name it.


All you need is a decent internet connection, and I can take care of the rest.

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A timeline in a video editing program.
Tribute Video Pro President Joe Douglass sitting at a computer with an editing program open. Joe is smiling facing the camera.

Go beyond the clunky apps

As a former TV producer, video editor, and reporter, I help my customers gather the best photos and videos they already have. I also help them get great recordings from family and friends to pay tribute to someone special. 


I skillfully combine all of the elements to create a memorable tribute video presentation. The perfect soundtrack and added effects make it one-of-a-kind. No AI program could replicate it.

Unlike other services that just offer clunky software to make tribute videos, I provide professional expertise, doing the hard work of editing and producing for you.


Here are some examples of my work:


(The "Happy birthday!" video above was made for a family member. I only use royalty-free music in the videos I make professionally).


Reach out to me as soon as possible to get a special video made for someone you care about. 

Details & Pricing


Pricing can vary. Contact me for an estimate. A tribute video usually includes two 1 to 2-minute montages of pictures, effects, and/or videos that I as a video editor put together for you. I can include up to 30 video testimonials from friends and family. I can also help gather the videos and guide everyone on how to make them great (automated apps and AI won’t do that!). 


Smartphones can do wonderful things if you use them correctly and follow a few simple tips.


I will also add a background and make any changes you request. You can review the video and provide feedback for up to two revisions, and extra changes may require extra fees.


Show the love … for any occasion

I create professional tribute videos for many occasions. These include:

A birthday cake with lit candles in a dark room.


A young woman wearing a cap and gown holding a diploma during a graduation ceremony.


A teacher writing on a board.

Teacher Appreciation

A middle-aged couple dancing during an anniversary celebration.


A mom being kissed on the face by her two daughters.

Mother's Day

A recently-married couple standing on a beach. A man is wearing a tuxedo and a woman is wearing a white wedding gown.


A woman holding up a gift (baby clothes) at a baby shower.

Baby Showers

Two hands held together making a heart symbol.

Valentine's Day

A did holding up and kissing his baby.

Father's Day

A smiling older man.


A smiling woman firmly shaking hands with another woman.


Somber lit tea candles



A glowing question mark.

You Name It!

Discount Offer

In short, if you need a tribute video, I can make it!


I'm currently offering a special 20% discount for certain customers. In exchange, I would use your tribute video as an example on my Tribute Video Pro website and social media pages.

Contact me now … before it’s too late

I enjoy creating stories that tug at people's heartstrings. The person at the center of the video often cries tears of joy. 


Nothing pleases me more than making people feel warm, loved, and happy. It’s a gift that lasts forever - longer than flowers, longer than cards, and chocolates.


My schedule fills up fast so contact me today. Let’s make someone feel loved!


Get in Touch

Start by introducing 

yourself. Tell me what kind

of tribute video you want

to make and when you'd

like it done. Using email,

the contact form, a 

Facebook message, or a

call is fine. Whatever you're 

most comfortable with.

If you're awaiting an email response make sure to CHECK YOUR JUNK or SPAM folder.


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